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What to do if you want your dog to come swim with us:


If you want your dog to come swimming for fitness, fun or health, we need you to fill in the registration form which you can download here:

1B 2017 client form.doc


If your dog is recovering from an injury or surgery, or has other health problems, you will also need a declaration from your vet that your dog is fit to swim. You can download that form here:



If you struggle to download the forms, please e-mail or phone us and we will happily send them out to you.


When you have read, filled out and signed the required forms, you can scan and e-mail them back to us, or send them by post (e-mail us for the address). Ideally, we need to have the forms at Doggie Paddles before your first appointment. Then contact us via e-mail or phone to arrange for your first swim session.



Before your first appointment:


  • Do not feed your dog within 3 hours prior to swimming

  • Take your dog to the toilet before the appointment
  • Wear suitable footwear, as the floor in the pool area will get wet
  • If you dog is swimming for fun you wish to wear water-proof clothing as you may get wet.
  • Make sure the required forms are signed and handed in to Doggie Paddles.
  • You will be asked to read and sign the business' terms and conditions
Follow-on Appointments

Each visit the swimming time could be increased as your dog improves. After the second swim your dog will be profoundly relaxed and muscles will be exercised. We will be frequently assessing how your dog is coping with the exercise. Some days your dog may have more energy and other days tire more quickly.

Swimming for fitness and/or fun

Fun and fitness swimming will not as stringent as the hydrotherapy. Your dog is swimming for fun and to increase their fitness.

We will require the same forms and signatures as for hydrotherapy. You can choose not to have your dog vet checked, but in the interest of your dog health and safety, we prefer that you do.
The swimming will be more relaxed. Darryl will still carry out a health check on your dog. Your dog may not need a buoyancy jacket. You can swim more than one dog if you have a pack.
A therapist will be in the pool with your dog at all times.

Duration of time in the water will be up to 20 minutes dependent on your dog's ability and stamina.


Please check your dogs’ insurance policy as you may be able to make a claim.
Pricing for hydrotherapy, fun, fitness, health or weight control:
£30.00 per session for small, medium and large breeds
£35.00 per session for extra large breeds

This includes post-swim shower with shampoo, blow dry and/or towel dry.

Cancellation procedure:
Please notify Pauline or Darryl as soon as possible but no later than 24 hours before the appointment if you need to cancel.
Cancellation must be done by phone!
01333 329511 or mobile: 0770 890 5969

Failure to notify Doggie Paddles will result in the full payment being required.

Click here to contact us to make an appointment or for more information.