Swim for
For many years research has proven that hydrotherapy is a wonderful and natural way of helping dogs recover from injury or ill health.

Swimming is also great for dogs for keeping fit and building stamina.
Swimming for ten minutes is equivalent to a five mile walk. When your dog is in warm water they work harder, as the density of water is greater than air.

Racing, working and show dogs: Dogs in the prime of life will benefit in increased muscle tone and stamina for agility and fitness. Dogs will find swimming valuable keeping them in a good physical condition, strengthening and maintaining muscles, safeguarding against possible injuries.

Come on, the water’s warm, stimulating the nerve endings, opening blood vessels all over the body, and thus improving muscle tone and circulation. Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise for dogs.



Hydrotherapy has proven to:


  • Increase range of motion of affected limbs out of the water

  • Increase cardiovascular output (heart and lungs)
  • Improve condition and mass of muscle
  • Strengthen, maintain and restore muscle
  • Improve circulation and skin condition
  • Speed healing
  • Reduce inflammation, prior pain and stiffness
  • Promote relaxation and rest
  • Improve physical fitness
  • Mentally stimulate


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Fitness swimming will not as stringent as the hydrotherapy. Your dog is swimming for fun and to increase their fitness and stamina.


We will require the same forms and signatures as for hydrotherapy. You can choose not to have your dog vet checked, but in the interest of your dog health and safety, we prefer that you do.


The swimming will be more relaxed. Darryl will still carry out a health check on your dog. Your dog may not need a buoyancy jacket. You can swim more than one dog if you have a pack.


A therapist will be in the pool with your dog at all times.


Duration of time in the water will be up to 20 minutes dependent on your dog's ability and stamina.


Pauline and Darryl hope to make life more relaxing for your dogs and make good friendships on the way.