A dirty dog is a happy dog. But not a happy owner!

Doggie paddles dog wash offers a self-service dog wash.

Alternatively we can wash your dog for you for a small fee.

Your dog goes in dirty and grimy comes out clean and shiny!


We give you all the tools to make your dog shiny and smell fab!

Deepen the bond with your dogs and get hands-on practice.

The beauty is that you leave the mess with us. You won’t have to clean the bathroom walls and ceiling or chase your dog around the house with a towel.


If your dog is starting to smell, has rolled in something gross, or is starting to look a wee bit grimy we will provide for your every need.

  • Warm water showers
  • Selection of shampoos and conditioners to suit your dog
  • Full blow dry with professional drier
  • Clean, fresh bath towels
  • Dog deodorising using special colognes
  • Brushes and combs
  • Waterproof apron
  • Stress-free for you and your dog.
  • Best of all it’s reasonably priced!

Doggie Paddles can wash your dog for you for an additional £5.00 fee

Small dogs/puppies: £8.00
Medium dogs: £11.00
Large / XL dogs £15.00
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