Prices & contact

Up to up to 1/2 hour dependant on your dog ability.
One dog     £20

Fun and fitness all other swimming (dogs from thefir

same house hold)

One dog  £15.00
Two dogs  £20.00
Three dogs  £25.00

By appointment only


Doggie Paddles

Upper Largo Fife Scotland

Phone: 01333 329511

Mobile: 0770 890 5969

Please check with your dogs’ insurance policy as you maybe able to make a claim.

A therapist will be in the pool with your dog at all times.

duration of swimming will be up to 20 minutes in the pool dependant on your dog ability.

Pricing for hydrotherapy Fun, fitness, health, weight control session

This includes after swim shower with shampoo,  blow dry or towels.

Fee is £25.00p for extra large breeds the is £30.00p per session

Cancellation procedure

Please notify Pauline Darryl as soon as possible or within 24 hours if you need to cancel your appointment

Not by email cancellation must be done by the method below:

Phone; 01333 329511

Mobile: 0770 890 5969

Failure to notify Doggie paddles will result in the full payment being required.

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