Benefits of Swimming

Doggie Paddles provides your dogs with a natural, holistic approach to recovery and well-being.

Dogs that may have experienced a trauma through Injury, Surgery or Accident may have become depressed as a result of their exercising being stopped, causing them to become bored and frustrated.

This sometimes has a knock-on effect on the dog’s behaviour and you feeling frustrated.

Water has natural buoyancy and with the weightless exercise you’re giving a non-weight bearing activity thus preventing painful stress on your dog’s aching muscles and joints.

When a dog walks on hard surfaces, shock waves travel up the bones, causing pain to joints that could already be sore or swollen. Swimming for ten minutes is equivalent to a five mile walk. When your dog is in warm water they work harder, as the density of water is greater than air.

We also have the benefits of swim jets that create a flexible current to swim against, depending on your dog’s level of stamina and ability. Helping maintain heart and lung functions in overweight dogs helps them to lose weight.

Hydrotherapy can also offer an alternative to surgery or where surgery is not an option.

Overweight dogs: Normal exercises for overweight dogs on grass or hard ground can lead to lameness and discomfort.

Senior dogs: can comfortably exercise arthritic joints and maintain a healthy body weight. It is an effective media for conditioning and toning seniors.

Racing, working and show dogs: Dogs in the prime of life will benefit in increased muscle tone and stamina for agility and fitness. Dogs will find swimming valuable keeping them in a good physical condition, strengthening and maintaining muscles, safeguarding against possible injuries.

Disabled dogs: Dogs with poor mobility are able to exercise their functioning limbs, using a buoyancy jacket and the assistance of Darryl the hydro therapist.

Swim your dogs just for the fun and give them a different form of exercise, which is enjoyable.

Hydrotherapy treatment can help with:

• Pre and post operative dogs
• Orthopaedic operations: fracture repair, any joint and back surgery
• CCL, OCD, ligament/cartilage damage
• Sprains and strains
• Muscle and spinal injuries
• Hip and elbow dysplasia
• Degenerative joint diseases, such as arthritis
• Congenital and inherited conditions
• Dogs who are convalescing after spaying or caesarean section
• Disabled dogs
• Just for fun

Hydrotherapy has proven to:

• Increase range of motion of affected limbs out of the water
• Increase cardiovascular output (heart and lungs)
• Improve condition and mass of muscle
• Strengthen, maintain and restore muscle
• Improve circulation and skin condition
• Speed healing
• Reduce inflammation, prior pain and stiffness
• Promote relaxation and rest
• Improve physical fitness
• Mentally stimulate

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